How Do You Gripe, Yet Communicate Effectively?

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Upset woman gripes to uninterested coworkers

It seems like everyone has something to gripe about these days. And I can’t lie, sometimes it feels good to gripe. Maybe it’s about the new intern that an off-handed comment.  Or your boss assigned another coworker a project you were really looking forward to tackling yourself. Regardless of the reason, sometimes it just feels good to get your frustration … Read More

Make it Safe to Tell the Truth

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Make it Safe to Tell the Truth practice cards with questions and solutions encouraging better communication.

More than ever, making it safe to tell the truth is critical. Not only does it create and sustain a safe work environment, but by allowing those in your company to tell the truth safely, you are better equipped in knowing where the company environment needs to improve. Creating a “safe place” culture is crucial in building proper work relations … Read More

How Does Nike ‘Just Do It!’?

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Kudos to community collaborator, Nike! Members of the Association for Talent Development in Memphis (ATD) were treated like VIPs on October 23 at the Nike North American Logistics Center. Amid tight security, 15 learning professionals from across Memphis were hosted and guided by 7 Nike learning gurus. We all soaked up Nike mystique as time-tested techniques were explained on our one-mile … Read More

Recognition Pays!

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Recognition for a job well done is vital

Do you always receive recognition for a job well done? Likely, your answer is “Of course not!” It’s so easy to say “thank you” or “great job!” when you see excellence in action. By remembering your own disappointment, you can become the catalyst for change. You know how it feels, and you can use that knowledge to make a positive … Read More

Get Better: Start with Humility

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To get bette, start with humility

Todd Davis’ new book, Get Better: 15 Proven Practices to Build Effective Relationships at Work, highlighted humility as the best way to begin getting better.  Todd Davis is Executive VP and Chief People Officer of Frank-Covey Co., the world’s leading performance improvement firm.  Because of his reputation and expertise, two like-minded groups collaborated on the half-day workshop to bring him to … Read More

Organize by Design

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Organize with LibraryThing app

Sumer of 2018 was my season to better organize my library. I love to share resources, in a variety of media. With hundreds of books in our library, we had no system for tracking loaned books. Have you ever misplaced a book you borrowed?  I have!  Check out my new system for accountability makes it easier to both give and … Read More

Guts and Humor

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Guts & Humor Guy

Before I saw his LinkedIn video post, I had already adopted David Gross’s “Guts & Humor” mantra as my favorite take-way from his talk. David spoke at the July Association for Talent Development (ATD) monthly luncheon meeting. Our focus for the day was on Career Development, and David chose to highlight the worldwide non-profit educational organization, Toastmasters International, as a … Read More

Getting Respect

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Get respect, stop bullying

Many years ago, I worked for a bully who showed little respect for his employees.  When it was my turn “in the barrel” I suffered. My only consolation was knowing that his bad behavior would shift to another target, sooner or later.  That was this bully’s mode of operation. Can a Bully Show Respect? For my last seven months as … Read More