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Integrity-Based Communications is a 6-behavior model that allows people to better relate to others, to craft winning solutions, and to practice a method of holding each other accountable. Delve deeper into the core of what Integrity-Based Communications can do for you or your company with this video.

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Shelley has designed materials and customized workshops for all levels of employees, emphasizing personal analysis and skill development. She combines her multiple communications skills with a passion for coaching.


Emerging and seasoned leaders who want to build highly trusted, top performing teams.


Individual contributors

Individual contributors who add value through deepening relationships to serve internal and external clients more successfully.


Subject matter experts

Subject matter experts who want to brand themselves by effectively integrating education with marketing communications.


Honest Conversations

Browse Shelley's blog, Honest Conversations, for her most recent posts and learn more about how to build relationships, what messages you may be sending, or even how to take risks in communicating with others.

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To help you facilitate your Honest Conversations, Shelley put together a list of reading materials that will also help you become a better communicator and leader.

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