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Interview with Integrity-Based Communications

My last article focused on my brilliant young protégée, an aspiring accountant, who whose goal was to get hired as a summer intern. It was a great experience. She aced the interview, landed the internship, and ultimately a job with the firm. Have you ever experienced starting off meeting people well enough, then having your job hopes dashed during the … Read More

Aligning Goals for Success

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In my last article, I discussed SMARTer goals; this week our topic is aligning goals for success. Aligning goals is a balancing act Aligning goals also requires paying attention. I use a triangle-shaped Productivity Process tool to guide alignment of every goal, being true to my life mission and purpose. At the base of the triangle, my personal purpose is … Read More

Moving From Success to Influence

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“Bridging the Gap from Success to Influence” was the subject matter for a recent program of Business Over Coffee (BOCI), with business leaders each telling their stories and recalling their experiences of people who have moved from “success to influence.” What Does ‘Success to Influence’ Mean? BOCI founder Sherri Henley (businessovercoffee.bcom) hosted, with panelists Nita Black (, Virginia Rowland ( … Read More