Straight From the Heart

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As we approach a season mixed with gratitude, anticipation, joy, and reunion, we will invariably re-connect with people that we don’t see on a regular basis. For some, anxiety is palpable. For others, historic behaviors create tension. Conversation may be strained. All of us have gone through changes in the past year, and some still struggle with sadness and loss. It may be harder than usual to be open, talk honestly this year.

Is It Possible There Could Be A Misunderstanding?

Whenever Seth Godin arrives in my mailbox, I know it’s worth savoring and sharing. This week, I decided to incorporate his entire short post:

“Is it possible there was a misunderstanding?
Is it possible that you misunderstood them, or they misunderstood you?
With your client, employee, vendor, partner, or that random passerby?
The thing that just happened, it sounds terrible, and if they did it on purpose, the way it sure seems to you and to me, that would be horrible.
But before we burn down bridges and ruin everyone’s day, just a quick moment to wonder, ‘what if there was something misunderstood?’
It’s a lot easier to ask than it is to go to all the trouble of breaking things.”

And to add my own questions, straight from my heart:

“Are you willing to give them the benefit of the doubt? Are you willing to forgive them?
What are your greatest joys, fears in this important relationship?”

Happy Holidays, from my heart to yours.