SMARTer Goals for 2017

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It’s the first day of the second month of 2017, and it’s time to take a look at SMARTER goals, not just SMART goals.

My friend and FocalPoint business coach, Eric Eurich, packed an hour with teaching, enrichment, and reflection for a group of business owners, and incorporated the concept of “alignment” into what most of us call “SMART” goals.  And it makes a difference!  So let’s make the remaining 92% of the year reall count.

SMARTER Goals – What’s the Difference?

Telling our truth quicker, faster…and more transparently, check out John’s and my long-term goal as a couple:

Specific – We are a debt-free couple.

Measurable – We plan to achieve our home mortgage payoff by celebrating with family and friends to mark this milestone achievement.

Aligned – This goal is aligned with our joint commitment to responsible stewardship and realizing our potential as integrity-based leaders in our family and community.

Realistic – Based on our income and expenses, this goal is achievable and desirable.

Time-Sensitive – December 31, 2019 is our SMARTER GOAL target date.

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SMARTER Goals: In Alignment

Did you notice the difference in Eric’s definition of SMART goals? Usually the ‘A’ stands for Achievable. Which I don’t miss it one bit, because ‘Achievable’ is another way of expressing the word ‘Realistic.’ At least it is in my mind.

Alignment has to do with the integrity of daily behavior all the way down to the core of one’s life mission and purpose. My interpretation of Alignment is shown in the Productivity Process graphic above, and it can be used to write out how one’s alignment process is thought out and translates into action. I’ll give you an example of mine in next week’s post.

Learning Alert: Eric Eurich is presenting a one-hour workshop on Time Management on Tuesday, March 28, 7:30-9:00 a.m. at The Crescent Club. Contact him directly so he can arrange adequate seating and handouts.  RSVP or call 901-340-9558. Eric will be happy to speak with anyone that might like assistance setting their own goals.

Before you leave – if you’re inclined to comment – please let me know how you’ve found ways to align your life with your goals. All of us are smarter than any one of us, so let me hear how you’re accomplishing your goals through adopting SMARTER goals…even if you didn’t know it!


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