The personal and professional relationships you are seeking are seeking you. Do you have the clarity, self-awareness, and focus to better understand what it is you are seeking, that it may be drawn into your life?
Whether you want to make current connections stronger, or find out what needs to change, join us for a journey to communicate more clearly, translate the meaning of your values, create goals for better life balance, and learn to align your goals accordingly.
Organizations like FedEx, Medtronic, The University of Memphis, and ALSAC/St. Jude have used these same principles and exercises to build skills sets for individual contributors, produce high-performance teams, and help emerging leaders manage the trajectory of their careers.

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Module 1: Communicate with Integrity

Learn and practice the six behaviors of Integrity-Based Communications to integrate thought, word, attitude, and action. Use this model for teaching expectations…giving & receiving effective feedback…holding one another accountable for agreements and outcomes.
Reduce stress, manage time efficiently, and build high-trust, respectful relationships…with yourself and others.

Module 2: Clarify Your Values

Clarify, prioritize, and “make meaning” (behavioral expectations) for the top six values in your “relationship of choice.” Learn to define and communicate what drives you to achieve or retreat, in an empowering self-discovery exercise of intentional presence, deep listening, and understanding.
Raise self-awareness and communicate more clearly, confidently, and authentically.

Module 3: Learn to Live a Balanced Life

Is this even possible with all the busy-ness our lives contain?
Start by taking an honest, introspective look at your life balance NOW, in nine life domains: body, mind, spirituality, romance, family, community, career, money, and play. Leave with a nine-step action plan to get you closer to where you want to be, with a tool to self-assess regularly. Sharing goals is optional; sharing your goals with the people you respect and trust is recommended.
Prioritize, align, and affirm your goals, values, and daily activities.
Workshop includes workbook, Shelley’s book, Integrity-Based Communications, and tools to help you connect at a deeper level of understanding, kindness, and respect.

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