Living on Purpose

Tools for Building the Life You Really Want

Shelley Baur has developed her Living on Purpose sessions from the foundational concepts within Integrity-Based Communications. Sessions are commonly spread over two days, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, or on four half-days of 4 hours each. The sessions are adaptable to the needs of specific organizations, groups of individual performers, or those seeking to become high-performance teams.

The content below highlights all program topics covered in IBC for Living On Purpose.

Communicate with Integrity

Learn and practice the six behaviors of Integrity-Based Communications to integrate thought, word, attitude, and action. Reduce stress, manage time, and build high-trust relationships.

Clarify Your

Clarify, prioritize, and “make meaning” for the top six values in your “relationship of choice.” Learn to define and communicate what drives you to achieve or retreat, in an empowering self-discovery exercise.

IBC For a Balanced Life

Take an honest, introspective look at life balance in nine domains: body, mind, spirituality, romance, family, community, career, money, and play. Learn why and how your ways of thinking affect results in every area of your life. Leave with a nine-step action plan as well as real strategies to create what you really want…and confront what needs to change.

Learn to Live a Balanced Life


Eliminate Negative Emotions


Accelerate Your Goal Achievement

Learn and apply techniques for writing, speaking, affirming, defending, anchoring, and achieving what you really want in life.

Optional Modules

Learn the Power of Commitment

Apply directness and accountability in creating and exercising a heightened commitment to benefit your wants and needs with your friends, relatives, associates, and yourself.

Life Mission and Purpose

Discover and express your sense of an overarching life goal, and leave with a written life mission and purpose statement. This exercise may change your life in surprising and powerful ways!

  • Build Your Confidence

  • Develop a “Success Personality”

  • Claim Your Personal Power

  • The Mastermind Process

  • Celebrate Achievement

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