Leadership Development

IBC as a Platform for Leadership Development

Customized to the specific needs of contemporary organizations – professional, corporate, and non-profit – Shelley Baur developed this flexible program to apply Integrity-Based Communication theory and behaviors to public speaking…training…persuasive speaking and selling…speeches by management…facilitation skills, and more. From basic to advanced skills, IBC enfuses each learning experience, unique to audiences of different sizes and character – inside and outside the organization – plus varied relationships such as vendor, consultant, customer and client.

The content below highlights all program topics covered in IBC for Leadership Development.

Presentation Skills

Applies IBC’s foundational program theory and behaviors to public speaking and presentation skills for leaders and subject matter experts.

Delivery Matters

Learn how to connect, engage, and inspire people to action, through message and technique, regardless of audience size or composition.


Learn and practice how to give and receive feedback respectfully, in ways that encourage and strengthen relationships, whether peer, vendor, or personal.

Communicating Across Generations

Communicating Across Generations

Communicating Across Generations helps learners to convey meaning, relevance, and behavioral expectations consistently, with dignity and respect.
Apply IBC tools, learn ways to collaborate, resolve differences, and build trust…resulting in high-performance teams.

IBC For Integrity

These two distinct but related programs bring alive the essence of Integrity-Based Communications – the notion of integrity itself – in exploring issues of business ethics and sustainability in business, linking with new developments in the theory and practice of Sustainability.

Ethical Decision-Making

Ethical Decision-Making

Practical applications for learning, replicating how to make ethical decisions

Truth & Trust

Truth & Trust

Truth, Trust and Sustainability
in the Workplace

IBC For Diversity

The time is past for “checklist” approaches to diversity and inclusion. These two programs take on practical issues, helping leaders tackle real issues with the real tools of Integrity-Based Communications.


Global Diversity and Inclusion

Navigating Global Diversity and
Understanding Inclusion


Integrity-Based Inclusion

It’s more than diversity–
it’s Integrity-Based Inclusion

Management Skills & Leadership

Real method, technique, solid practice and authentic feedback characterize this highly practical, multi-day program, founded on the original theory and six-behavior behavior model of Integrity-Based Communications.


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