What Is Honesty, Really?

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Are you among the people who has asked the question, “What is honesty?”  About 246,000 people in the U.S. ask that question every month, according to Google. More specifically, these professionals were talking about communicating with honesty, authenticity, and accountability…all of which comprise integrity. What Is Honesty? Communicating Authentically I share Bob Berg’s theory that people want to be in … Read More

Moving From Success to Influence

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“Bridging the Gap from Success to Influence” was the subject matter for a recent program of Business Over Coffee (BOCI), with business leaders each telling their stories and recalling their experiences of people who have moved from “success to influence.” What Does ‘Success to Influence’ Mean? BOCI founder Sherri Henley (businessovercoffee.bcom) hosted, with panelists Nita Black (MAPMomentum.com), Virginia Rowland (RidgewayBusinessCenter.com) … Read More

What Is Your First Sales Mistake?

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If you are among the one in nine people in the selling profession, it makes sense to understand what could be a critical sales mistake. Even the remaining eight in nine employees — who don’t think they are in a sales role, per se — must concede their need to influence, persuade, or convince someone of something every day.  Unless, … Read More

Why Is LinkedIn So Important in Business?

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When I recently suggested that an executive client/friend of mine attend an upcoming LinkedIn seminar, noting that LinkedIn is now the #1 choice for connecting people in business, he scowled and said, “I’m not looking for a job!” LinkedIn is More Than a Job Search Tool Explaining that my friend’s employees were being vetted online before business prospects even accepted … Read More