Kindness Is Always in Season

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Shelley Baur Integrity-Based Communications Kindness in Season

Regardless of any other affiliation, people of good will surely agree on one thing: Kindness transcends “difference.” Kindness demonstrates respect. Kindness shows consideration for others. In almost every circumstance I can imagine, kindness is akin to humility. At this time of year, carolers sing ‘tis the season to be jolly. But I posit ’tis always the season to be kind. … Read More

Straight From the Heart

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As we approach a season mixed with gratitude, anticipation, joy, and reunion, we will invariably re-connect with people that we don’t see on a regular basis. For some, anxiety is palpable. For others, historic behaviors create tension. Conversation may be strained. All of us have gone through changes in the past year, and some still struggle with sadness and loss. … Read More

What Is Living On Purpose?

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IBC Shelley Baur blog living on purpose

Living on Purpose is an intentional choice to move toward achieving goals, based on your personal life mission and purpose, in alignment with your values and daily activities. Recently, I facilitated a half-day of honest introspection, where learners’ discovery was deepened with fresh definitions of communicating honestly, clarifying values, and learning how to live a balanced life. How? First, we … Read More

Greatest Joys, Fears in Relationship

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Psychologists say that human are driven by two motivators: gaining pleasure and avoiding pain.  In my last article, we looked at identifying what you value most in a particular relationship – the things that we most want to be present in the relationship. Understanding Greatest Fears It’s just as informative to flip the coin and ask, “What do I most … Read More

What Do You Value Most?

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IBC Shelley Baur blog value most

Have you ever been asked, “What do you value most?”  Have you re-visited that question lately? Recently I was privileged to work with a small group of talented business owners who wanted a sample of my two-day seminar, Living on Purpose.  “What do you value most?” resonated deeply with each of them.  Watch the facilitated session here: Values Clarification Video … Read More

Leadership Memphis: Catalyst for Change

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Centuries before I met Dr. Bettye J. Alston in Leadership Memphis (class of ’91), Heraclitus is credited with saying, “The only thing constant is change.” Meeting Bettye Alston was life-changing…for all the years we knew one another. I am white, she was black. She was 12 years older than I was. She grew up in poverty, educated as a nurse, … Read More


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IBC Shelley Baur blog Purpose

Each individual has a unique purpose. You can only begin to fulfill your creative potential when you have a high degree of alignment in your life – when your pursuits and conscious goals are in alignment with your own purpose. It is then that you will own your personal power. Purpose Begins With Vision The most fundamental definition of personal … Read More

Business Growth Booming With BNI

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Greater Memphis BNI: Business Network International had a record year, referring over $1.6 million in business among our 37 members. The surge in chapter growth began under the leadership of past president David Grigsby, co-owner of MidSouth Orthopaedic Rehab, along with his leadership team of business growth strategists. What is BNI? How Does it Stimulate Business Growth? Yesterday I met … Read More

BNI and Integrity-Based Communications

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How can you squeeze your business, life and leadership philosophy into a 10-minutes presentation?  In a phrase: regular practice and feedback. Every business day, BNI: Business Network International challenges members throughout the world to state succinctly who they are, what markets they serve, what problems they solve, and how to best refer business to them. Recently, I compressed my life, … Read More